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Northern Lights

Welcome to
Momentum Coaching


How do you get to where you'd love to be? All it takes is a little momentum to start moving toward your dreams.

Momentum Coaching was launched to support people, like you, in professional and personal growth to experience more success, meaning, and joy. I specialize in working with people navigating significant transitions in their careers and personal lives. I know that I can help you build the job, career, and life beyond your wildest dreams because I’ve experienced it myself. Let’s dream together!  

What will coaching mean for me?

While problem-solving is the major benefit of great coaching, there are many other reasons to choose a coach: 


  • Expanding your vision 

  • Inspiring your creativity 

  • Expanding your possibilities 

  • Having someone in your corner who is focused on your success 

  • Experiencing unconditional acceptance 

  • Having someone who listens deeply and fully 

  • Receiving support for positive change and action in all of the areas of your life 

  • Enjoying personal growth 

  • Improving key relationships 

  • Getting in the health and physical shape you’ve always wanted 

  • Connecting deeper with the spiritual 

  • Celebrating what’s working as a way to look at and improve what’s stuck 

  • Recognizing what brings you joy in life and figuring out how to have more of it 


Through coaching, you’ll have the benefit of a skilled, caring, unbiased partner to help you discover what’s wonderful about the life you already have and uncover exactly where you want to experience more joy and success.

What kind of coaching is right for me?

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I'm a professional
looking to level up.

Momentum can help you find:  

  • Unparalleled professional success that makes a meaningful and positive impact in the world. 

  • A deeply fulfilling career aligned with your unique purpose and gifts. 

  • The specific ways you can build on your current strengths for exponential impact. 

  • Greater resonance and relationships with team members that lead to peak performance and goal achievement. 

  • The specific expertise needed to get a promotion, greater responsibility, or an exciting new role altogether. 


I'm a person seeking happiness and fulfillment.

Momentum can help you create: 

  • An enviable life, filled with joy and success. 

  • Personal relationships that are life-giving and nurturing to you and others. 

  • True work-life balance that allows you to focus on those activities and people that are important to you. 

  • A specific plan that guides you to take the actions needed for the wildly happy life you’ve always dreamed of. 

Compass Pointing North

I'm in a big transition and not sure how to move forward.

Momentum can help you if you are: 

  • Ending a relationship...or beginning a new one. 

  • Ending a career (by choice or because of unexpected circumstances)...or starting a new one. 

  • Entering a new stage or age of life. 

  • Transitioning to caregiver as your parents or others in your family begin to rely on your support in their aging. 

  • At a spiritual crossroads. 

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