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About Momentum Coaching


Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
George Bernard Shaw

My name is Diane, and I am passionate about supporting you on your journey to grow, whether professionally or personally. I enable fast and marked transformation by helping you feel confident, secure, and filled with new options, ideas, possibilities, and dreams.  


My intention is to support and assist you in tapping into your inner wisdom to make significant changes and decisions that lead you to a more meaningful, inspired, and fulfilling life. Whether you are passionate about building your career, working through a challenging life transition, or creating a long-term plan to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, I hold a safe space for deep exploration and honest reflection, to create a clear path forward to reach your goals and dreams. 


Growing up, I was captivated and intrigued by how people felt and thought about themselves, their world, and how their experiences impacted their relationships and lives. I innately knew and sensed energy patterns in people and saw how this shaped life patterns that were both life-giving and life-diminishing. This began my journey toward a deeper understanding of myself and others and the energetic patterns we create that shape our lives, and how making sense of and letting go of these patterns unlocks the path to realizing our goals and dreams.  


Over the last thirty years, I’ve traveled to many other countries to learn about spiritual and energetic practices and cosmologies; I earned a B.S. in Human Services; and have enjoyed over 25 years in leadership development and coaching, for both individuals and teams, at Fortune 500 companies.  


The name Momentum Coaching was no accident; it reflects my belief that in any given moment you can shift your thinking and your energy and unlock the momentum needed to create the life and career of your dreams. Momentum Coaching was launched to support people, like you, in professional and personal growth to experience more success, meaning, and joy. I specialize in working with people navigating significant transitions in their careers and personal lives. I know that I can help you build the job, career, and life beyond your wildest dreams because I’ve experienced it myself. Let’s dream together!  

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