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Working With Momentum

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The Magic.

I help clients become wildly happy and successful by building professional and personal momentum toward their dreams one conversation at a time.  


I have been a learning and development professional for over thirty years, providing performance and career coaching for individuals and teams, as well as life coaching for individuals in significant life transitions. I work as an unbiased partner to celebrate what’s working, what’s passionately desired, and what we can take action on to move towards big dreams.

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The Tools.

I have a vast array of tools and hands-on models to inspire creative thinking and problem-solving. Still, the most powerful tool in the coaching process is the client’s natural creativity, resourcefulness, and resiliency. I believe deeply that the client has the wisdom and answers to their challenges; my job as the coach is to bring clients to a deep, soulful sense that they are free – free from their obligations, limitations, fears, and any other obstacles that are keeping them from a wildly successful and happy life. 

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The Dream.

To work with me, you must have a deep desire to dream big and the energy to take concrete actions to create the career and life that you desire. Coaching is a partnership that is fueled by the commitment of the client. Coaching is not just a collection of techniques; it’s a deep form of relationship that’s both confidential and life-changing. Together we will move from problems to solutions, from insight to action, and from a status-quo life to new possibilities and outcomes that move you toward the life you dream of. Don’t know precisely what the life you’re dreaming of looks like? Not to worry; we’ll work together to uncover that too!

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